Help for Your Distracted Dog

Is your dog a genius in your kitchen but so exuberant in class and outdoors that you can’t hold his attention?  Everything and anything draws his attention away from you and prevents him from learning. The goal of this class is to help your dog control his normal doggy impulses and make it worth his while to pay more attention to you, even in a stimulating environment that’s full of distractions. You’ll learn to work as a team, so that your training can be more successful and your participation in dog sports, on  walks and at public outings can be more enjoyable.

This is a group class, but dogs will work individually and together with another dog or dogs as they progress.  Dogs whose arousal level goes over the top may work in crates part of the time to get appropriate behavior started.  We’ll use only non-aversive, positive training techniques, such as desensitization and counter conditioning.  Owners bring a mat to class.

Prerequisite: Positive puppy, basic good manners class or equivalent training.

This class is given at Your Dog’s Friend Training Center at 12221 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD.

Please talk to me before enrolling to ensure the class is a good fit for your dog.   Call or e-mail Al Winder at 301-229-2302 or