positive but not permissive

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Welcome to Come When Called Dog Training!

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. I can help.

Using science-based, positive training techniques and a huge bag of professional tricks collected over nearly 20 years of training dogs and puppies, we can get you and your dog reading from the same dictionary. I can show you how to transform your problem dog—no matter how big or small the dog or the problem—into the well-mannered companion you’ve always wanted. 

Call or text for private dog/puppy training in your home, as well as group classes and puppy kindergarten in Bethesda and Olney, MD. 

We specialize in nippy, out-of-control puppies and recalcitrant, adolescent monsters. 

Training Philosophy

We are committed to teaching you to train your dog or puppy using modern, reward-based training and behavior modification techniques that work quickly and effectively.

We use only gentle, positive reinforcement techniques that are people- and dog-friendly in addition to being fun and easy to learn for you and your dog.

Our methods are based in proven scientific learning principles – not in tradition.

You will learn how to communicate with your dog, and clear communication means successful training and good behavior – with no need for force or coercion.

We specialize in helping you turn your untrained or challenging dog into a well-behaved companion and good neighborhood citizen.