Smart Start Puppy Class

For puppies 8 to 16 weeks old. Puppies will be introduced to foundation behaviors and socialization with puppy agility and an adventure trip.  The class will be held indoors and outdoors at 6204 Windward Place, Bethesda, MD 20816.

Proof of recent vaccination required.

6 weeks – Fee:  $225

Starts November 6, 2021, 11 am

Puppy Plus!

Puppy must have had an introductory puppy class or equivalent.

6 weeks – Fee: TBA

Beyond Puppy Plus!

Puppy must have had an introduction to foundation behaviors or good manners. Class will be held outdoors at 6204 Windward Place, Bethesda, MD 20816


6 weeks – Fee: $225

Starts Oct. 2, 2021, 3 pm

Just The Basics

For dogs who’ve graduated from the 18-week Come When Called puppy program, newly adopted dogs, dogs of first-time dog owners and older dogs who need a refresher in foundation behaviors.

6 weeks – Fee:  $225

Starts: TBA


Sharpening the behaviors and skills your dog needs to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. The CGC test is available after completion of the class.

6 weeks –  Fee:  $225

Obedience Skills for Competition

For students preparing to enter competitive obedience at the Novice level and those wanting to enhance their handling skills and their dogs’ obedience behaviors.  Students pay for 6 weeks and have 8 weeks to complete them

Fee: $200 for 6 sessions 

Intensive Growly Dog

This five-week program is designed to help owners whose dogs bark and lunge on leash when encountering an unfamiliar dog. The class is highly structured with in-class exercises and specific work to be done in your dog’s home environment. Owner/dog teams work with personal coaches, at first in enclosures but moving gradually to a real-world setting. (Limited to four dogs)

Five 90-minute sessions

Fee: $250

Growly Dog 2.0

This class is for graduates of the Intensive Growly Dog class or equivalent who want to hone their handling techniques in new places and with new, unfamiliar dogs to generalize appropriate behavior. Starting with a brief refresher of the key concepts of behavior modification, the class quickly moves outdoors to a variety of incrementally challenging environments and exercises. (Limited to six dogs)

Five 90-minute sessions

Fee: $250

NEW  Shape Up Your Pandemic Pup!

This six-week class is a refresher for dogs acquired during the Covid pandemic who missed the benefits of a group class and consistent practice. It addresses critical behaviors every dog/owner would like to have:  a reliable recall, a down stay that applies to any environment, such as an outdoor restaurant, loose leash walking, wait and keeping four paws on the floor whether at home or outside. Due to Covid restrictions, only one handler may accompany the puppy. Everyone must wear a mask. This class is held at the Olney Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital in Olney, MD. 

Six one-hour sessions

Fee:  $225

Postponed until January 2022



Smart Start puppy class in Olney, MD

This class is for puppies 8-16 weeks old and is held at the Olney Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital. Puppies are introduced to foundation behaviors using positive techniques with a heavy emphasis on socialization. The first session is a comprehensive orientation and meets without puppies.

Fee: $225

Starts: Wed., Nov. 3, 7:30 pm