Smart Start Puppy Class


For puppies 8 to 16 weeks old. You finally have the time to get a new puppy and want to do everything right from the start. You did not expect that the sweet fluffball you brought home would turn into a raving, uncontrollable monster, nipping you with needle-sharp teeth, chewing on everything in sight and not listening to anything you say. You’re frustrated and out of ideas. Help is only a few clicks away. We are puppy experts with more than three decades of experience. What’s more, as former teachers, we will teach you how to transform that little monster into a perfect pet, using reward-based, effective methods. You will be able to relax as you take back your household and learn how to “speak dog.”  The class will be held at the Olney Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital. Proof of vaccination is required if the puppy guardian is not an OSSVH client.

Just The Basics

For dogs who’ve graduated from the 18-week Come When Called puppy program, newly adopted dogs, dogs of first-time dog owners and older dogs. We work on a reliable recall, a down stay that applies to any environment, such as an outdoor restaurant, loose leash walking, wait and keeping four paws on the floor whether at home or outside. Due to Covid restrictions, only one handler may accompany the dog. Everyone must wear a mask. This class is held at the Olney Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital in Olney, MD.  Dogs come to the first session.

6 weeks – Fee:  $250

Starts: TBA